Is Cutting Your Cuticles Helpful or Harmful?

Do your cuticles bother you? Have you ever trimmed them during a pedicure? While it may seem like an inexpensive and simple way to get rid of what you find inconvenient, podiatrists recommend leaving them be. While you may find that monthly pedicures or even at-home foot care is a fun past time, remember one thing: Don’t cut your cuticles, because it is, in fact, a danger.

Why Should I Keep My Cuticle Intact?

The purpose of your cuticles is to protect the nail matrix. Your cuticles are important and form a seal between your nail and the skin adjacent to it to protect you from infection. By cutting them, you are leaving your body vulnerable to potential harmful bacteria or fungi that could cause serious problems like infections.

How Can I Keep My Cuticles Looking Better Without Cutting Them?

To maintain your cuticles and keep them looking clean, use warm water to soften the skin and your cuticles so you can push them back and keep them supple. You don’t need special tools to push your cuticles in, all you need is a clean fingernail from the opposite hand to gently push the cuticle back towards your skin, as heavy tools run the risk of damaging the cuticle and causing an infection.

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